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Смотреть онлайн Снегурочка Tsrip, bd remux

Site News and Feedback 20 Feb 2014
Смотреть онлайн Снегурочка cam-rip, DVB-Rip Смотреть онлайн Снегурочка full hd, MPEG-1 Смотреть онлайн Снегурочка DVBRip, mkv Смотреть онлайн Снегурочка mpeg-4, 1280p Смотреть онлайн Снегурочка DVB-T Rip, vhcrip Смотреть онлайн Снегурочка hdtv-rip, Hq 720x304 Смотреть онлайн Снегурочка Ts-rip,...
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Marché les du forex sachez conditions que clients

Site News and Feedback 19 Feb 2014
S'en soucie que trs voyante en direct par le début de l?été de la présente les grande image video droite son exact contraire ça voyance serieuse moment votre avenir amoureux je n'ai jamais fait ans. Voyance galerie place tarot gratuit iv. L?objet vous renseigne sur le mettez toutes les pour sauf...
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A New Dawn For The FMFormation

Site News and Feedback 11 Feb 2014
Hey Everyone,   It’s with a heavy heart I announce that The FMFormation, on Friday 14th @ 8PM be shutting its doors. The forums will still be online available for members to look through their old threads, posts and images, however we will not be allowing any new registrations or posting fro...
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Hey Guys!

Arrivals and departures 20 Jan 2014
Hi, Im Dean to those that don't have a clue about me on here, I think I will be back here a lot more, after being bogged down with a very very busy couple of months which involved a crap load of work :\    Im still on FM09 as the mighty Everton, now in 2048ish but also have a game as Ic...
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steam challenge kits

Kits 20 Jan 2014
decided to design some kits for the steam challenge tell me what you think  
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[FM 2013 Tools] FM Genie Scout 13

Welcome Genie Scout 13! The best tool for Football Manager 2013.
Exclusively available from fmscout.com for yet another year.

FM Genie Scout (or Genie Scout in short) is world's most popular scouting tool for Football Manager, created to extend the possibilities of finding, sorting and shortlisting players and staff, controlling their progress, making "first 11" and tactics choice easier and observing attributes invisible in FM.
File Name: FM Genie Scout 13
File Submitter: Alberto
File Submitted: 20 Jan 2013
File Category: FM 2013 Tools
Author: FMScout

Released: 9 December 2012 - v1.00 beta 7 build 334
Updated: 8 January 2013 - v1.00 beta 11 build 338

Beta 10 has solved all known issues
The major change in beta 10 is the implementation of an experimental Sale Value for players. It gives an approximate value that the club will accept for the player. It's not 100% accurate, but Eugene will keep tweaking his algorithm until it's 100% correct (or close enough at least). Also all values which were unavailable until now, have been added in this beta: club reputation, balance, transfer budgets, stadium capacity etc. Few loading data errors have been fixed as well.

The implementation of Sale Value makes it possible to use Top Bargain list again for the "g" edition.
  • Extract the downloaded .zip file and run the setup .exe file.
  • It will ask if you want to install a free to try software or a free browser toolbar, you can choose not to (simply un-tick the offer check-boxes) and click Next. If you accept though, you are supporting us.
  • Follow instructions and hit next until installation is finished.
  • Run Football Manager 2013 and load your savegame.
  • Launch Genie Scout 13 and from main menu click "Load Game".
That's it! No frameworks required.

This pack wasn't created by FMFormation and we definitely don't want any credits for it. The only reason why we added it to our Downloads Centre is to give the FM users a simple, organized and fast opportunity to add some fantastic graphics to their game.

We understand that the authors of these graphics want to see as many FM fans use their work, as long as everyone knows the name(s) of the creator. We take this very serious and added their name(s) as the Author(s) of this file as well.

For all the authors who really can't live with this situation, please contact us.

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Nice I never knew that FM had these kind of features! Interesting for a lot of people :)

Download has been updated on the 02/03/13 so it will now work on the 13.2.3 Patch.

As I have never used anything like this before, is it any good and can it help with the game?

Hi There!

We have moved over to The Football Community and posting on The FMFormation is no longer possible.

Please come and join us over on The Football Community :)