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Смотреть онлайн Снегурочка Tsrip, bd remux

Site News and Feedback 20 Feb 2014
Смотреть онлайн Снегурочка cam-rip, DVB-Rip Смотреть онлайн Снегурочка full hd, MPEG-1 Смотреть онлайн Снегурочка DVBRip, mkv Смотреть онлайн Снегурочка mpeg-4, 1280p Смотреть онлайн Снегурочка DVB-T Rip, vhcrip Смотреть онлайн Снегурочка hdtv-rip, Hq 720x304 Смотреть онлайн Снегурочка Ts-rip,...
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Marché les du forex sachez conditions que clients

Site News and Feedback 19 Feb 2014
S'en soucie que trs voyante en direct par le début de l?été de la présente les grande image video droite son exact contraire ça voyance serieuse moment votre avenir amoureux je n'ai jamais fait ans. Voyance galerie place tarot gratuit iv. L?objet vous renseigne sur le mettez toutes les pour sauf...
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A New Dawn For The FMFormation

Site News and Feedback 11 Feb 2014
Hey Everyone,   It’s with a heavy heart I announce that The FMFormation, on Friday 14th @ 8PM be shutting its doors. The forums will still be online available for members to look through their old threads, posts and images, however we will not be allowing any new registrations or posting fro...
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Hey Guys!

Arrivals and departures 20 Jan 2014
Hi, Im Dean to those that don't have a clue about me on here, I think I will be back here a lot more, after being bogged down with a very very busy couple of months which involved a crap load of work :\    Im still on FM09 as the mighty Everton, now in 2048ish but also have a game as Ic...
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steam challenge kits

Kits 20 Jan 2014
decided to design some kits for the steam challenge tell me what you think  
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Football Manager v13.3.0 (Transfer Update)

We're proud to announce the release of the January Transfer Data Update, 13.3.0.

If you start a new game, you will be given an option to start with two databases, the default database (13.0) or the 13.3.0 Update. Included within are all the latest transfers and updated squads. So if you want to see Beckham strut his stuff at PSG, watch Balotelli back in Milan or lead the French revolution at Newcastle now's your chance. To use the latest data you will need to start a new game following the update. The data is compatible with both modes, full Football Manager and Football Manager Classic.
Also included are a number of other changes and fixes within the update which, as always, are save game compatible. So if you're in no rush to use the latest data you're fine to continue your current save. A changelist showing the majority of these changes is listed below.

To update you will need to close the game down and re-launch for it to update. If this does not work for you or you feel it has not updated you will need to restart Steam.

  • Fixed very rare crashes related to corrupted edited data
  • Improved long term balance of players set piece attributes
  • Fixed board not returning results for parent and feeder clubs after granting users request
  • Prevented stadiums being used in international tournaments after clubs had moved out
FMC Specific
  • Assistant now gives bias to player training focus based on position and role they are playing in
  • Improved image selection on FMC News screens
  • Removed ability to incorrectly offer coaching jobs when National Manager
  • Fixed retiring players sometimes generating non-FMC staff roles.
  • Improved player training feedback on Player Information screen
  • Fixed user receiving news for players on inactive shortlist
  • Decreased likelihood of Board continually expanding stadium capacity so soon after an expansion
  • Board will now increase junior coaching and recruitment at their discretion
  • Fixed Player Action to show "Approach to Sign" when user can offer them an end of contract transfer.
  • All Player Interested unlockable fixes
  • Fixed High Visibility incorrectly unlocking when winning Club World Championship Best Player
  • Fixed rare case to ensure user fails Financial Storm challenge if they don't make profit/reduce wage bill
  • Improved season expectations when taking over a club mid-season
  • Fixed instance when the board stated they were disappointed with winning the league
  • Fixed board stating they are unhappy with only receiving a low fee when the player is sold for a very large amount of money
  • Increased the chance of under-performing managers getting sacked at the end of the season
  • Fixed amateur teams playing in Austrian FA Cup
  • Updated league table sort order in Belarusian leagues
  • Fixed replay match not taking place for the Belgian Third Division Champions playoff
  • Updated schedule for the Belgian Cup
  • Updated Sao Paulo State Championship TV money
  • Updated Gaucho State Championship, amount of relegated teams
  • Updated scheduling of the Finnish Premier League
  • Updated amount of relegated teams in Potiguar State Championship
  • Fixed strange prize money in State Leagues
  • Added missing draw rule for Chinese FA Cup
  • Points deduction for 3 Super League clubs
  • Fixed best third placed teams that qualify for the second round of Colombian Cup getting group stage prize money
  • Added missing English Football League sorting rule, 'Results between Teams'
  • French Cup competition format if the winner isn't a Ligue 1 team
  • Fixed incorrect venue of the Finnish Cup final
  • Updated scheduling of Finnish Premier League and First Division
  • Updated Finnish League Cup schedule
  • Trial players can play in Finnish League Cup; maximum of 2 in match day squad
  • Improved league scheduling when national team qualify for major tournament
  • Fixed Indian Arrows being relegated fron National Football League
Inter Continental
  • Fixed Club World Championship issue when a Japanese Club wins the Asian Champions League and doesn't get entered and the game picks the best Japanese side instead.
  • Fixed incorrect minimum number of goalkeepers for Olympic squads
  • Stopped Suriname being enetered into the Central American Nations Cup when they shouldn't
  • Updated West Asian Football Championship schedule
  • Set Costa Rica as Central American Nations Cup hosts
  • Canadian Championship winners now represent Canada when hosting Club World Championship
  • Set loaned players in Israel can always play against their owning club from 2013/14 season onwards
  • Set loaned players in Israel can always play cup competitions
  • 9 points deduction for Hapoel Kfar-Saba
  • Points deduction updates
  • Fixed Malaysia FA Cup Sub Rules
  • Added Malaysian transfer windows
  • Fixed "Team with best league record wins if scores are level" match rule not working for First Division Playoffs
  • Fixed up Norwegian Cup.
  • Tweaked Polish Ekstraklasa TV scheduling
  • Fixed 16th placed team in Ekstraklasa getting the same prize money as the league winners
  • Fixed scheduling of Portuguese League Cup when using 2013 start date
  • Fixed Serbian First League team in promotion/relegation playoff having senior players unavailable due to squad registration being in place for Super League.
  • Updated loan rules
  • Fixed incorrect Slovenian Cup Semi-Final and Final prize money
South Africa
  • Contracts below South African First Division are restricted to one year at a time
South America
  • Fixed scheduling of the Copa Libertadores group stage
South Korea
  • Added Promotion/Relegation Play-off between K-League and N-League from 2013
  • Fixed Super Cup clashing with international fixtures
  • Fixed lack of TV coverage in Turkish Second Division
  • Fixed Ukraine Super Cup and League Fixture clashing with the Euros and World Cup
  • Added names of post split groups for the Premier League
  • Fixed editor crash when editing a Nation's Transfer Values where none were previously set
  • Improved assignment of teams to regional sub-divisions both at game start and in successive seasons
  • Improved in-game functionality of the "Seeded By Division Reputation" Seeding Rule
  • Fixed changing a non-player's staff role at a club would not being reflected in-game
  • Fixed an rare issue where edited Continental Cup could cause no Competitions to be displayed on the Continental Competitions screens
  • Enabled the editing of some Player contract clauses that weren't able to be set; removed two redundant MLS-specific clauses
  • Fixed an issue where a Competitionís End Date could potentially cause Promotion/Championship Playoffs to never fully schedule
  • Added specialist 26% tax rule for Denmark
  • Solidarity payments fee adjustment.
  • Fix for mls additional shirt sponsors.
  • Player wage fixes.
  • Turkish non-football and Other costs adjustments.
  • Scouting costs adjustments.
  • Max wage limit being prohibitive fix.
  • Staff wage fixes.
  • User awarded huge mid-season transfer budget for no reason fix.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to connect to network game with custom media sources implemented
  • Fixed a host crash related to client leaving a network game during match
  • Fixed rare network crash during processing during early months of season
  • Fixed network crash related to looking at clubs stadium info
  • Fixed issue related to server occasionally coming up blank when searching for a friends network game
Player Happiness
  • Made players who have got too big for their club to more likely to ask to leave
  • Made players more likely to get unhappy when decent transfer bids are rejected
  • Fixed issues where players weren't fully acknowledging the managers attempts to keep a promise made to the player
  • Fixed AI managers not attempting to have conversations with their unhappy players
  • Stopped players who are set to finished their career at their current club from asking to be transfer listed
  • Fixed older players from asking to go on loan instead of asking to leave
  • Fixed players who are promised first team football not waiting until the mid-season break is over before complaining that the promise hasn't being kept
  • Fixed the player will not be taken off the transfer list if they request to stay at the club
Transfers & Contracts
  • Improved non-player targetting and interest code
  • Fixed clubs going a long time without a new manager
  • Fixed a caretaker manager joining another team and causing their current team to go a long time without a manager
  • Fixed teams laughing off the users job application when they would offer them the job a few days later
  • Fixed human being offered the same managers job a few days after they rejected the original offer
  • Stopped youth international managers from taking club jobs at teams outside the region of their national team
  • Toned down the wage demands of some players
  • Fixed youngsters asking for excessive 'Wage After Reaching Club Career League Games' clauses
  • Fixed user being able to accept a bid on behalf of an AI side for a 50% offer of a co-owned player
  • Fixed user not being able to continue when offering contract to player whilst under embargo
  • Fixed player being released the day after being signed in a secret bid co-ownership decision
  • General skin tweaks & polish
  • Disabled the coach chat section for players who are also non-players but don't currently have a non-playing job at the club
  • Fixed Juventus kit colours on tactics screen
  • Fixed graphical glitch on attribute bar charts
  • Fixed tactic familiarity bar being too affected by style & strategy changes
  • Fixed user being able to cancel international friendlies when not manager
  • Fixed instant continue game timout functionality

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Its great to finally have the Transfer Update out. Should renew interest in the game for a lot of people.

Hi There!

We have moved over to The Football Community and posting on The FMFormation is no longer possible.

Please come and join us over on The Football Community :)